Spa Water Hardener 750g

$17.90 NZD

Spa Water Hardener 750g


Brand:  SpaWise

Chemical Type:  Water Softener

Chemical Base:  Calcium Chloride

Size:  750g


Spa Water Hardener (Calcium chloride) is a chemical compound used to maintain healthy water. Water can be ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ depending on the dissolved mineral content. If the calcium hardness level is too low, this can cause etching of plaster and metal corrosion. If the calcium hardness level is too high, this can cause scale formation, marble discolouration and cloudy water.

  • Always mix and dissolve in a bucket of water, then pour into the spa. Divide dosage required into 2 x increments to allow the water to absorb it gradually.
  • Always have pump running when adding chemicals
  • Allow 1 hours of filtration between applications
  • Always retest before adding chemicals
  • Seek professional advice when unsure for water testing and chemical application

Dosage:  250g per 1,000 litres every time you fill your spa with fresh water


Safety:  See packaging or download the MSDS here


Also available in  350g2kg4kg8kg,  and (10kg pail)


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