Speck Badu Eco Touch VS Pump

$2,320.00 NZD

Speck Badu Eco Touch VS Pump


Brand: Badu

Size: 1.5hp Variable Speed


The Speck Badu Eco Touch VS Pump offers cutting-edge motor technology designed for your swimming pool or spa pool. This is revolutionising energy efficiency by lowering power consumption and operating costs while increasing water quality in pools and spas. The patented magnet motor, with an axil rotor (DC Motor),  has been optimised for use in swimming pool and spa filter systems.


Thanks to its 6 Star energy rating, the highly efficient BADU Eco Touch VS is setting the standard compared with a conventional induction motor pump. The operating costs and the CO2 emissions are significantly lower in comparison with a standard pump meaning the pump pays for itself in less than two years.


Speck Badu Eco Touch VS Pump Benefits:

  • Eco Friendly
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Lower Noise Levels
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Suitable for pools with a maximum salt level of 5,000 ppm
  • Stainless steel shaft and 100% recyclable plastics for corrosion and saltwater resistance

What is a variable speed pump?

As you might expect it has variable speed options. It lets you change the speed so that it can run and the minimum speed required to circulate your pool water and maintain your equipment. As a result, you can significantly reduce power costs and the impact on the environment.

What is the best pool pump for my swimming pool?

It depends on your pool volume. This is one reason why we always ask about the litreage of your pool. You may need a more powerful pump or multiple pumps to maintain the water quality in a large or commercial pool. Alternatively, if you have a small pool you don’t want to be wasting power and money when you don’t need to. To find out which pool pump we recommend for your pool please contact us or visit our Auckland pool shop.

What is the right pool pump size for my pool?

It is essential to pick the correct size pool pump depending on your swimming pool volume. Oasis Pools’Auckland pool and spa specialists know which questions to ask to match you with the right pool pump for your pool. This is essential to ensure the best pool water quality or pool water clarity. To make sure you get the right pool pump for your swimming pool –  contact Oasis Pools.

Cost does not include installation. How much is the installation of the Speck Badu Eco Touch VS pump? Call us today.



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