Stain Remover 1kg

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Brand:  IQ International Quadratics

Chemical Type:  Stain Remover

Chemical Base:  Organic Acids

Size:  1kg


Stain Remover is a granula blend of Organic acid  for the removal of coloured metal stains (copper, manganese, and iron) from pool surfaces, and may also remove some scale deposits. Ideal for organic stains such as leaf and algae. For metal stains, test the water for metals in solution first, and if present use Metal Magnet to prevent further staining. This is a Quality IQ brand product.

It is recommended that the product is placed in a sock, attached to a telescopic pole and suspended over the affected area.

Dosage:   1kg per 50,000L May be applied in specific spots by using a cloth.


Safety:  See the packaging or read the MSDS here

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