Crystal Cube Plus+ (Twin Pack)

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Crystal Cube Plus+ (Twin Pack)


Brand:  Aussie Gold

Type:  Phosphate Remover and Water Clarifer

​​​​​​​Size:  2 x 170g Cubes (Twin Pack)


Crystal Cube Plus+ are placed in the skimmer box and slowly dissolve binding small particles so that they can be trapped by the filter leaving your pool water cleaner and crystal clear. 1 x cube suitable for up to 50,000 litres.

  • Gel Formulation suitable for chlorine and salt pools
  • Clears cloudy pools and prevents algae growth
  • Reduces high levels of phosphates
  • Slow dissolving, long lasting flocculent
  • Improves chlorine efficiency
  • 1 x cube will last approximately 4 weeks
  • Sock included


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