CLEARANCE – Twist & Dose

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Zodiac Twist & Dose


Brand: Zodiac


Pool Health Kit Medium Size 40,000 Litres to 60,000 Litres.

An innovative system designed to help maintain a healthy and sparkling pool, in between visits to the pool shop.

Takes the guess work out of pool chemical dosing, saving you time and money.

Simple to use, yet intelligent test strip reading device that tells you which chemicals to use, and in what quantities, to keep your pool healthy and balanced!

  • Simple to use, easy to understand.
  • Pool health made easy.


Pack Contents:

  • 1x twist device
  • 2x measuring jugs
  • 2x scoops


  • Medium: 40,000L – 60,000L


An icon on the front face of the packaging highlights the size of the pool for which the Twist & Dose included in this pack is intended for.


Clearance stock packaging differs see main image. Box not included.


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