Weir Door – Clark WA72

$49.90 NZD


Weir Door – Clark WA72


Type:  Weir Door for Clark (WA72) Skimmer

Measurements:  130mm x 209mm


The Clark WA72 Weir Door is a plastic cover that prevents debris collected in the skimmer basket, returning to the pool when the pump stops running. It is manufactured from chemical-resistant PVC to protect and prolong its lifespan. If your swimming pool weir door flap is sticking then it is time to replace it. Fortunately, weir doors are usually easy and cheap to replace.

Easy to install, just pull the cord to release the springs.


Weir Door: 

  • Designed for the WA72 skimmer boxes
  • Spring-loaded
  • No screws required


  • Width 209mm
  • Height 130mm
  • Chemically resistant PVC

Link to:  Skimmer Basket – Clark / WA72 (Heavy Duty)

Link to: Skimmer Basket – Clark WA72 (Standard)

Not sure which skimmer basket you have?  Bring it down to the New Lynn Pool Shop or email us a photo of both sides and the measurements of the weir door.

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