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 Chemicals & Water Testing

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  • Supply a range of spa accessories
  • Water testing and advice on the application of chemicals
  • Chemical sales including non-chlorine options
  • Replacement of custom-made spa covers
  • Cover lifters
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Spa Pool Water Maintenance

  • Do you know how to look after your spa water?
  • Are you having trouble with the quality of the water?
  • Is your water cloudy?
  • Has your water got an odour?

We can offer you in-store advice to assist you to maintain the quality of the water in your spa.


Spa Pool Equipment Service

  • Is the water level in your spa pool dropping?
  • Is your equipment noisy?
  • Or something just doesn’t seem right?

Contact us (09) 826-0112 to arrange a service call with our service technician or come in-store.


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