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  • A site visit may be required prior to delivery
  • Concrete slabs can be poured
  • Installation of the spa
  • Setup of the cover and/or cover lifter
  • Tuition in the operation of the spa
  • Chemical sales and advice
  • Non-chlorine options
  • Water testing and advice
  • Valet service
  • On-going support to look after your investment

All spas come with complete with:
A charcoal coloured, lockable hard cover that can be secured to a maintenance free acrylic cabinet
A choice of two shell colours – stirling white or canyon
An ozone sanitising system, heater, 7-day programmable timer and digital multi-coloured lighting


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  • Do you know how to look after your spa water?
  • Are you having trouble with the quality of the water?
  • Is your water cloudy?
  • Has your water got an odour?
  • Is the water in your spa pool dropping?
  • Is your equipment noisey?
  • Or something just doesn’t seem right?

We can offer you on-site tuition, to assist you to maintain the quality of the water in your spa.

Our experienced valet technician can conduct an on-site visit to establish the best process to treat your spa and assess the equipment.  If it is considered that your spa water is retrievable by using chemicals, this is the first and best option.

If not, we will provide you with a quote to drain the old water, clean, refill, and balance the new water.

Once the spa is back up to temperature it is ready for you to hop in, and enjoy.

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