Optional Extras

There are a range of additional options to customise your pool experience and automate the functioning of your pool.

These include heating systems, automatic chlorination systems, filling and draining devices, control systems, cover and roller systems, multi-coloured lighting, water features and suction and robotic cleaners.


We have three heating systems for your pool: solar, heat pump or gas. Heat pump water heaters are designed for swimming and spa pool heating. Oasis Pools can advise you on the cost effective, energy saving systems that are available.

Heating your pool will extend the swimming season from October to the end of April. Water temperatures can range from 26oC to 30oC.

All systems are thermostatically controlled enabling the desired temperature to be maintained. As a result of this technology running costs can be minimised. To reduce running costs further it is recommended that your pool is fitted with a cover system.


Instead of manually adding chlorine an automatic system can be installed. We can advise the system to suit your requirements. Options include liquid-dosing, salt, UV, ozone and various combinations.


Automatic filling devices will maintain the water level in your pool. This will protect your filtration equipment. These systems are invaluable given todays busy lifestyle. We will advise you on the best system to suit your requirements.


Oasis Pools can provide both wired and wifi connected electrical control solutions to automate your pool, for ease of use and maintenance.


Cover and roller solutions include slatted automatic cover & roller systems, bubble covers, thermal blankets, debris covers and mechanical rollers.

No matter the shape or size of your pool we can quote a cover solution to keep the heat in from your chosen heating system.


Your pool cover and roller system can be hidden out of sight in the ground or under a deck.


We can give your pool the special lighting touches to optimise your night-time, pool-side, experience. Oasis Pools can advise you of the ideal lighting solution to maximise your pool atmosphere. Colour options are white, blue or multi-coloured.

We recommend all lighting systems are LED. Old halogen systems can now be retrofitted with LED globes.


We can suggest a water feature option that complements your pool and creates your ideal atmosphere. We have past experience in installing various water features and can make your dream a reality.

Options include fountains, shear descent from a wall and water arcs. We are experienced in providing consultations regarding the ideal water feature options for your pool area.


Suction cleaners work in-conjunction with the filtration equipment to clean your pool. Robotic cleaners work independently of the filtration system. They filter the water and clean wall and floor surfaces. Oasis Pools have various options of both suction and robotic cleaners in-store.